About Wells Business Development

Wells Business Development was formed in 2005 to deliver on a passion to help organizations and individuals achieve their full potential. The foundation of every successful organization is its people and how they serve customers. Though we often hear this, the organizations that really live this belief and continue to develop both their people and their processes to serve customers more effectively are the ones that succeed long term.

A long time ago, a manager in my organization brought me a calendar quote that essentially said, “Technology eventually evens out; compete on talented people and great service.” This I believe: People are the drivers behind the success of every organized enterprise; whether it is a large corporation, a small business, a non-profit agency, a school, a service organization, or a Church.

Through my career in Manufacturing, Engineering, Management, Leadership, Serving Customers, and Consulting, I have seen and participated in some of the best implementations of this principle, and have seen some pathetic illustrations which led to poor results and failure – both of which are learning opportunities!

Some evidence of this is contained in the following, and there are many other stories to share if you want further background and information.


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